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Poetry & Faith

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

When I published my first book Lady Muslim With a Pen: Poetry & Essays, which took 13 years to complete, I was exhausted! I gutted myself of everything i wanted to say up to then in that book. I Blended poetry with faith in my own way, the best I could. I told my story. I shared my art. I shared my faith.

Poetry is used to say many things, as i have through my life stages. But if words are like food, its a shame to waste them and not feed. Not shoving "food" down someone's throat of course. Just simply sharing. I've had the blessing of simply sharing my faith through poetry with this book, and it's been beautiful. If you haven't heard the saying "Don't die with a book in you", hear it now: Do not! Live it to give it. AND DO IT WITH FAITH.

Question: what book/story do YOU wish to write?

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