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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

When trying to achieve goals, there always seem to be problems that jump out like the boogie-man! (Hater!) All you want to do is publish a book, record a CD, climb a mountain, etc....and here comes a problem. You may think: "All the good i'm trying to do...why doesn't the world play nice and let me plant my roses???" NOT! If you start a project, you WILL have a problem! They key is to see your problem as a project. Not always fun, but problems can do three things:

1. Frustrate the heck out you! (That's ok. Gets the blood pumping!)

2. Identify issues & avoid later catastrophes

3. Teach, grow, & build you for the future

You may feel caged at first (like the Lady in the picture below), but once you've solved the problem and manifest your project, it feels pretty darn good! A problem is often just a project working out its kinks, to reveal a pearl. GET YOUR PEARL!

Oh, yeah: and STAY OUTTA JAIL!!!

#Projects #Problems #Pearls

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